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Siser EasyWeed Per Foot

Siser EasyWeed Per Foot

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By now you probably know that Siser EasyWeed is one of the most popular HTV products in the USA, and for good reason.  It keeps true to its name and is easy to cut, weed and apply.  Not only that but it is very durable and will most likely outlast the apparel that it's adhered to.  The clear backing sheet is tacky so it is great for small lettering and graphics.  Application is completed with a standard heat press or hand iron and it can also be layered to produce multi-colored designs without a heavy feel.

Regarding safety, Siser EasyWeed is made of premium polyurethane so it's safe for even young children's clothing.  In fact, it has been CPSIA certified. 


Size- 12"x18"

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